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Item #10566 $ 1250.00
Aquamarine and Schorl
Haddam, CT

Despite the fact that black tourmalines and aquamarines are often found in the same pegmatite, it is not that common to find them next to one another. I understand that the schorl often crystallizes before the aqua, and so they show up in different areas.

At any rate, this piece is something you do not see every day: a gem aqua and a schorl in matrix from CONNECTICUT.This piece was collected by a friend of mine: if I had found it, it would not be for sale! If you are not from Connecticut, you might expect to see that it is from the Strickland Quarry or some other famous locality, but it is not. It is from an unnamed prospect in Haddam. There are a myriad of small pegmatite dikes in the woods near my home (I live in East Haddam, CT), many of which have interesting mineralogy. Sadly, many have recently been built over or closed to collecting.

There are two natural fractures in the aquamarine. These were probably caused by the quartz after the aqua formed: a very common thing in our pegs. It is also interesting to note how the beryl turns from common beryl to gem aqua as it enters the quartz. A wonderful and colorful piece! Specimens like this are not easily found and RARELY made available...11 x 10.5 x 9.5 cm

P.S. if you are a risk taker, you might be able to uncover more of the schorl, maybe even part of the termination...