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Item #10562 $ 435.00
Campo del Cielo Meteorite - 435 grams

"Campo del Ceilo" means "field of heaven": a very nice name for an area that was devastated about 4200 to 4700 years ago when a large meteorite broke up in earth's atmosphere and showered parts of Argentina with many iron missile fragments. It is estimated that 300 to 600 tons fell at once over an area of several provinces in Argentina. Many of the sites are now protected, but many pieces were collected years ago or from unprotected sites. This piece is from a reliable source. If you do not know it, a lot of Campo material is sold as fragments from a larger piece: liquid nitrogen is used to fracture larger meteorites into many small fragments. These fragments are then tumbled a little to remove rough edges and sold as small pieces for collectors and for jewelry.

This is NOT a fragment, it is an entire meteorite with a fusion crust all around which formed during the intense heat caused by friction with earth's atmosphere. The natural hole in one end makes this a special collector piece. There are 453 grams in a pound, so this piece weighs just under a pound.