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Item #10554 $ 2500.00
Second Sovietskiy, Dalnegorsk, Russia

I was the first Westerner to see these incredible quartz crystals from Dalnegorsk. In the early to late 90's, I made ten trips to the area. Every trip something incredible seemed to pop up! It was winter when I saw these quartz for the first time, and the first one I was shown was in a garage, frozen in a bucket of water. Even through the ice, I knew it was something special. I went to reach for it and Viktor Nikiforov immediately pulled it away from me. I was startled but came to learn the piece was not frozen in ice but rather in hydrofluoric acid!
It seems there is an overgrowth on these pieces that must be removed to make them saleable. And they use hydrofluoric acid to do it. Look it up, even a small drop of HF is dangerous and you don't feel anything as it eats away at your bones. I later met a man in Dalnegorsk who lost the use of one thumb to an inviisble drop. At any rate, this piece is well rinsed and a wonderful specimen. It measures 13.5 x 11 x 6.5 cm. It is in great shape with no noticeable broken crystals. Some of the crystals do not come to a point as they contacted something. I have seen as many of these pieces as anyone, and this one has great color and form. By the way, one of the pieces I sold early on became the show poster for Sainte-Maries-aux-Mines many years ago. I would love to get a copy if anyone has one...