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Item #10536 $ 1500.00
Aquamarine and Muscovite
Shigar Valley, Skardu, NA, Pakistan

This spectacular aqua from Pakistan has MUCH better color, luster and clarity than most. It is undamaged, with super pyramidal faces along the termination. It is artfully surrounded by small gray mica crystals standing on end (perhaps from twinning). A small piece of white feldspar adds a third color and extra interest.

This exquisite specimen is 5.5 cm wide, 6 cm tall and 3.5 cm deep. The aqua itself is 3 cm tall on the more exposed side and 1.5 cm on the other. I visited the mineral market in Namak Mandi, Peshawar Pakistan 6 times. I also travelled to the SHigar Valley itself on each of those trips. I saw MANY, MANY aquas, and very few of the pieces I saw rivaled this one.