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Sample label:


Hopkinton, Rhode Island

J.B. Fast collection
Hopkinton, Rhode Island
*** Jeff Fast ***
How to use this label making program:

  1. Open a new text file (if you use Windows, run Notepad)
  2. Add your label information to the text file as shown in the sample data below
  3. Save your text file!
  4. Highlight everything in your text file, right click your mouse and choose copy
  5. Press the clear button below, then paste your label data information into the empty box
  6. Click the 'large labels' or 'thumbnail labels' button to see your labels
  7. Print your labels on heavy paper (I use photo paper from Staples)
  8. Send me email for help / comments / suggestions or just to say hello! Just choose contact me from above...
Label data:
Add your own image to your labels:

  1. Create your own jpeg file 80 pixels wide and 120 picels tall and save it as c:\myphoto.jpg.
  2. Create your labels as above.
  3. While viewing your labels, choose view then choose source
  4. Edit the file and replace the string http://www.mineralmovies.com/pics/label.jpg with C:\myphoto.jpg.
  5. Save the file with the name c:\myphoto.html and make sure the type is All files.
  6. Type c:\myphoto.html in your browser's address window and print your labels with your own picture.
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