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Mineral specimens are three dimensional objects. It can be very hard to visualize a specimen from a two dimensional photograph, or even several photos. I have bought several specimens online only to be very disappointed at what they looked like in person.

I hope the short 'mineral movies' I have created will help you buy with confidence over the internet. I have used high quality macro photography and large file formats to get you as detailed an image as possible. On some smaller specimens, the movies are almost like looking at the piece with a hand lens!

I have also programmed in controls so you can rotate the specimen left or right, faster or slower, and even control the specimen with your mouse.

Try it now...

  • Click the picture with your mouse. The mineral rotates when you move your mouse back and forth over the picture.

  • Click the picture again to stop mouse control.

  • Use these buttons to quickly jump between 8 still images.

  • These buttons should be self explanatory. Give them a try!
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