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Item #8188
$ 450
Miargyrite and Pyrargyrite
San Jose Mining District, Oaxaca, Mexico

Miargyrite is a rather rare silver mineral that I have never run across before until I started getting a few pieces from Oaxaca. I knew it was a different mineral, and suspected miargyrite, but was not sure until another dealer saw a specimen in my room and told me he was sure just with a sight ID. I have not had this piece analyzed (I just can't afford the time or money to analyze every piece!) but it matches the 6 other pieces I had before. The miargyrites are the smaller wedge-shaped crystals that make up the bulk of this specimen. On the back is an etched pyrargyrite showing some red color. If you look at this specimen from the bottom, you can see quartz casts of what were probably pyrargyrite crystals, now gone. So what we have here is probably a miargyrite pseudomorph of pyrargyrite with pyrgyrite. If you watch the movie you will see the miargyrites are all stacked in columns: they are pseudomorphs of something! I am tempted to call this a miniature, but it will actually fit in a thumbnail box, with very little room to spare: 2.7 x 2.0 x 2.2 cm.

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