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Item #8181
$ 325
Nikolaevskiy Mine, Dalnegorsk, Primorie, Russia

This beautiful fluorite is nearly water clear with some internal bubble veils. You can easily see from one side to another, like an aquarium. It's a group of three crystals, with beautiful beveled edges. The bottom corner on the main crystal is complete: it shows growth faces from contact with the matrix. There is a contact on the back but no damage. The group is quite large measuring 7 x x 4.4 x 3.3 cm, with the long face on the big crystal 4.2 cm. I went to Dalnegorsk ten times in the 1990's and made a few friends there (some came to visit me in the States several times). One of them had about a dozen of these crystals, mostly smaller and/or damaged, at Tucson this year (2017). I bought the best four pieces, and this is the best of those four. Compared to the flood of specimens I brought back home two decades ago, very little has been coming from Dalnegorsk these days, which makes a piece like this all the more desirable. When IS the last time you saw a clear fluorite, undamaged, from Dalnegorsk, with a crystal measuring over 1.5 inches on an edge? As always with clear minerals, this is more impressive in person as the camera flattens it out making it look more included than it is. You will be presently surprised should you decide to purchase it.

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